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de Kersentuin
De Kersentuin has a wireless internet connection  (Wifi)  802.11b en 802.11g.
Our guests may use the internet connection without any charges under the following terms:
You must set-up the connection between our network and your PC or laptop all by yourself.  If you already use a Wifi connection at home, you should be able to connect to the Kersentuin without any problems.  
We are not a helpdesk or a training center!
- You may send and receive as many E-mails as you wish, and go on the Internet as long as you need.  But is is forbidden to download large amounts of data like movies or music files, it is not the purpose of this service.  You share the network with our other guests and that kind of downloads slows the connection down.   And the download of large and mostly illegal files will bring us into difficulties, and we want to avoid it.
The data traffic is automatically monitored,  in case of excesses, the computer involved will be, without any warning and definitively, banished of the network.
- You are responsible for viruses,  spyware or other that eventually via the network get into your computer.  It is up to you to protect your computer adequately.
- We keep the right to stop the internet connection, in case of misuse, failure, or because we, for any reason, cannot offer this service anymore. 

The rules may sound very strict, but with a normal internet use, you will not even notice anything!  Enjoy it!

De Kersentuin, just like home!