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Every morning a good  breakfast will be served in your room.
In the room are 2 (or 3) one person beds, or double bed. For little children or babies, is a small bed available .
Clean towels are provided every day if you desire.
A refrigerator is available for all guests on the same flour.
It is not possible and allowed to cook in your room..
We ask you kindly not to smoke inside our accommodations!

                                             Prices               A= all school holidays and May-October
                                                                        B= other periods
  (breakfast included)                                                        A                               B
Room with  private bathroom                            75,00 *- 85.00                    75,00
3e person                                                                              30.00                     25,00
child up to 12 years(with parents)                                   17,50                     15,00
reservation 1 or 2 nights          per person +€  5.00
tourist tax per person per night                      2,55
room without breakfast                               -    2,50 pp

You will find our bed & breakfast in the small village of Nieuwvliet, about 2000 meters from what may be the most beautiful beach of  our coast.
Your room is light and comfortable, with  good beds, a table, chairs, cable television, wardrobe, washbasine,
coffee machine and water cooker.
You have the choice between room with sink. shower and toilet in your room, or separate shower and toilet next to your room*
                      FREE wireless Internet
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