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The costs of energy? You can make the difference!

Your accommodation is as much insulated as possible, the windows have double glass,  there is a high-efficiency central heating, and most lamps are energy saving. In other words: We have done a lot to keep the energy bill low.
Water and energy are measured separately in every accommodation, so that you don't pay for other guests.
But you can also do more to keep the bill low:
During the night, set you temperature controller on 14 degrees. Lower is useless, it will cost more energy to warm your accommodation in the morning.
Set the temperature also lower when you leave the place during the day.
Some ventilation is healthy, but all windows open when you heat the accommodation is just a waste!
A long and warm shower is certainly fine, but expensive, more gas, more water, more electricity.
Just do it like home!

What are your costs for the energy? We might have to charge higher prices in 2022.
Per m3 gas,   1,45
Per kilowatt 0,450Per m3 water 1,75

We read the stand of your own  meters at your arrival and departure. The difference multiplied by the price per m3 and kW is the amount to pay before leaving.

De Kersentuin:  not a cent too much!