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The apartment with 2 bedrooms will accept a maximum of 4 persons (5th extra person on request, in babybed)).
- The apartment with 1 bedroom will accept n a maximum of 2 persons, no small children.
- The holiday house nr 27 will accept  a maximum of 4 persons. bedrooms less suited for two couples
- The holiday house nr 29 will accept  4 persons,  plus 2 persons extra for 10.00 per person per night
- A room with/without breakfast will accept 1, 2  or 3  persons. 
-Pets are not allowed.  
- When booking the accommodation, the first payment will consist of 50% of the total sum. This payment must be received by us within 5 days after we have sent the temporary reservation. In the case we have not received any payment within 10 days, we will consider the reservation as cancelled.
-After we have received the first payment and the booking form, we will send a confirmation of your reservation. The second part of the payment must be received by us at least 6 weeks before the date of your arrival.
- Even in the case we have agreed that the first payment will not have to be sent, still are all conditions of cancellation mentioned hereafter applicable, and all amounts and percentages are in case of cancellation to be paid.
-Tourist tax, cleaning, rental of bedclothes will be paid in cash on arrival.
- The landlord has the right to consider this contract as cancelled if:
   a) the hirer leaves the accommodation before the end of the  agreed period. The too much paid tourist tax and/or breakfasts will be repaid (   2.50 per breakfast)
   b) the hirer fails to enter the accommodation the first day of the agreed period, ( before 16:00h) without having informed the landlord by letter, telegram of telephone, that he will arrive at another date.
In case the hirer, for any reason at all, decides to cancel the reservation, a compensation will be paid to the landlord. The compensation will be as follow:
-   60 euros   administration costs, if the cancellation occurs more than three months before the first day of agreed period.
     - the totality of the first payment+60 euros administration , if the cancellation occurs between three months and six weeks before the first day of the agreed period.
    -100% of the rent sum+60 euros adminitration costs , if the cancellation occurs between six weeks and the first day of the agreed period.
    - When the landlord is able to rent his accommodation at the same rate, the amount paid will be returned, minus the   60 euros  administration costs.
-If the accommodation, in case of force majeure, cannot be left at the disposition of the hirer, the landlord has the obligation to do anything in his power in order to arrange for the hirer another accommodation, equal or better, and this only with the explicit approval of the hirer  (extra costs are for the landlord.)
TRAVEL and CANCELLATION INSURANCES must be taken care of by the hirer himself.
-You will arrive in well cleaned accommodation. We expect you to leave it well taken care of.  You must, in the apartment, studio and holiday house empty everything, and must clean yourself the toilet, shower and the content of the kitchen cupboards
-complains about missing or broken inventory must be reported the day of your arrival.
-Any damage of inventory or furnishing caused by the hirer, has to be reported and will be charged on the hirer.
-Damaged or broken goods must be replaced by identical objects, unless otherwise agreed with the landlord.
-The landlord is not responsible for theft or damage of the properties of the hirer.
-VISITS are allowed, but with moderation, and have to be reported to the landlord. Persons who are not mentioned on the booking form are not allowed to stay during the night without the explicit authorization of the landlord.
-We take care of your comfort. Please have some consideration for us and our others guests, especially between 22:00 and 08:00
-We ask you kindly not to smoke in our accommodations, but for instance outside, this is much more agreeable for you and the next guests, thank you!
-All eventual collecting charges will be recharged on the hirer.
download our contract.